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Email 101 Webinar Series: DMD’s Email Scientists Share How To Optimize Your Email Campaigns

Email is a highly effective marketing channel—and a cost effective one. Email marketing has been proven time and again to be the best way to directly engage with healthcare providers, making it the go-to channel for healthcare marketers.

Yet, it is not without complexities. Many of these challenges can be mitigated by gaining a better understanding of what makes a successful email campaign—and what makes an unsuccessful one. Here are the four main components we’ll be discussing in our upcoming Email 101 webinar series.


[Webinar] Email 101: Why You Need an Email Strategy and How to Build One

Challenge #1: Designing Strategy

Email is so pervasive in our daily lives, it can easily be mistaken as a quick and simple process. In reality, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before those emails land in our inboxes. The fact that you’re fighting for the attention of healthcare providers, knowing how overwhelming your own inbox can get, is an even greater reason to invest time and energy into creating an email strategy for your deployments.

Content, segmentation, and cadence all play a role in this process—no matter how big or small the campaign is.

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Challenge #2: Creating Compelling Content

Without great content, your email means nothing. How many times have you opened a message only to find it was completely irrelevant or uninteresting? Perhaps the subject line grabbed your attention, but the messaging fell short. Or, the subject line missed the mark and you sent it straight to the trash. In either case, you’re less likely to invest time in engaging with future communications from that organization.

Email is so pervasive in our daily lives.

Inbox competition is fierce, so you have to create content that is compelling—and, more importantly, valuable. It’s important to know which topics and themes healthcare providers are most interested in so you can drown out all the noise of other senders. Content doesn’t have to be limited to the written word, either. Oftentimes you can use existing print content to create videos or infographics.

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Challenge #3: The Creative Process

What might look pretty on paper doesn’t necessarily translate to the end user’s experience. Approximately 10 or 15 years ago, marketers didn’t have to worry so much about this. But the evolution of devices presents new challenges. As a society, we’ve already made the fairly rapid transition from expecting “mobile-friendly” to demanding “mobile-first,” with more emails now being opened on a smartphone versus a desktop.

Changes made to browsers and by email service providers also requires email marketers to regularly revisit design approaches, to ensure recipients can open the email, read it, and click on the CTA. Without those three key components, you’re wasting both your time and the time of your target audience.

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Challenge #4: Programming

Don’t worry… no one is asking you to be an expert in HTML. Most healthcare marketing departments have third-party entities who manage the “technical” aspect of email design. But, it is important for you to know how programming can impact your deployments.

What might look pretty on paper doesn’t necessarily translate to the end user’s experience.

Even understanding just “the basics” of email coding, the factors that can affect deliverability, and why render testing is so crucial will help you recognize when campaigns are being developed incorrectly--or  at the very least leave room for improvement.

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Who Should Attend?

Over the last two years, we’ve delivered our Healthcare Email Best Practices training workshop to more than 60 clients, across hospitals and health systems, pharma companies, and medical associations, and more than 20 agencies. 

In just that short amount of time, email marketing has seen changes—some rather significant. We’ve not only kept up with those changes, but we’ve been a leader in disseminating that information to those who need it most. If you think you could use some help in any (or all) of these four areas, we welcome your attendance.


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