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Identifying New Segments Based On Content Consumption And Demographic Data

Very few companies have the budget or bandwidth to market to everyone. Even massive brands that are ubiquitously known still strategize to identify their target markets. That fact makes it all the more pleasantly surprising when a new segment—an audience actively interested in a company’s product or service—becomes apparent.

The opportunities for capitalizing on newly identified segments depends on the level of specificity a company can obtain about them—something that was previously limited via traditional aggregate data. The game-changer has come in the form of audience identity management technology.


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AIM’s Ability to Expand Your Audience

Our patent-pending Audience Identity Manager® (AIM) tool is about as close to a “fly on the wall” as you can get in healthcare marketing. Reporting on physician-level data from 800-plus publisher, medical education, association, and professional social sites, AIM accompanies healthcare providers on their online journeys. Because their browsing behavior is self-navigated, it unveils a uniquely personal view into what they find interesting, relevant, and important.

AIM is about as close to a ‘fly on the wall’ as you can get.

AIM also provides insight into the demography of unexpected hand-raisers, identifying groups who may have previously been excluded from marketing messaging.

AIM’s Ability to Expand Your Audience

AIM’s resulting data opens the door to varying opportunities across multiple healthcare sectors. For example, medical publishers—who are often only reaching 30-40% of the target audience in their field—would be able to identify HCPs visiting their website, and other websites along their digital journey, in real time. Those HCPs can then be added to the publisher’s database, and messaging can be crafted so it matches up with their interests and priorities.

Health systems are also primed to benefit from access to physicians’ browsing behavior, particularly if it’s determined that HCPs outside of their radar have expressed interest in an organization’s service lines. Health systems rely on referrals for growth, and knowing which HCPs are on the hunt gets you one step closer to getting their patients in your doors.

Health systems are also primed to benefit from access to physicians’ browsing behavior.

Another application in which AIM data has thrived is programmatic advertising. Obtaining the definitive identities of “new-to-you” HCPs allows for even more expansion of your database, from which you can then confidently serve ads to exact, authenticated targets.

Customized Messaging Fosters HCP Loyalty

The revelations AIM provides about HCPs—whether they were previously in your universe or not—is the insight needed for developing content and messaging that not only appeals to, but also engages (and keeps engaging) those HCPs. If you can continue to customize messaging that speaks to them, especially as their interests and priorities change, you’re setting a precedent for enduring loyalty.


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