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[Webinar] CCPA in Action and What's on the Horizon

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is now the law of the land. California is home to 12% of the country’s consumers, as well as 12% of physicians. Avoiding California is not an option for most healthcare marketers.

Over the last six months, I have had almost daily CCPA and data privacy conversations with stakeholders in these markets including pharma companies, hospitals and health systems, medical publishers, and agencies. A few trends have emerged:

  1. There is still a lot of confusion in the market. Understandable, given the grey areas within CCPA.
  2. Most healthcare stakeholders have taken basic measures to acknowledge CCPA, but most have not yet deployed key infrastructure envisioned by the law.
  3. Two topics of ongoing discussion include the role of the Service Provider, and the requirements for processing and reporting on opt-outs or Do Not Sell directives.

There is also a growing realization that third-party data owners have to recontact all of their California members to notify them that the company will be using — and possibly reselling — their personal information.

For DMD, thankfully, we have not had to take this additional step. Because we have a first-party relationship with the individuals in our database and our existing stringent information practices, DMD has exceeded the requirements of CCPA.

Regardless of which third-party data owners are engaged when licensing data, most healthcare marketers still need to be actively engaged in data privacy issues; they need to know the source of the licensed data, how it was obtained, and ensure the proper steps required under CCPA have been completed. Failure to do so sets a company up for lawsuits from individuals and fines from the California Attorney General.

I’ll be hosting a webinar on these topics on February 6th, diving deeper into what healthcare marketers need to be aware of with regards to CCPA. I will also cover what 2020 is likely to hold for our industry in the data privacy arena on both the state and federal level.

Sign up here to join us, or to get a copy of the recording after the event.


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